Paradise Farm Alpacas

    Paradise Farm Alpacas would like to thank our many friends, family and clients we have met and worked
    with over the past seven years.  We have enjoyed our time showing, breeding, and learning about these
    amazing animals.

    While we have retained our foundation herd, we are no longer breeding alpacas.  We highly recommend
    the farms linked below for your alpaca farm visits:

       Ice Pond Farm              
       Hannah's Farm Alpacas     
       Green River Alpaca Farm
       Lavender Hill Alpacas    

       We still have alpacas for sale.  To request a price list, please give us a call, or e-mail.

       Anj & Tom Shaw
       Paradise Farm Alpacas
       West Kingston, RI

          To learn more about alpacas, or to find out if alpacas would be a good   
           livestock choice for your farm, visit
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